November 2, 2006

Hawking A Metaphor


(revised 3: 19 CET)

On the verge of a seismic shift in Washington, this image makes me very nervous.

It’s defensive I know, but I can’t get past reading the vultures as Democrats, as if the Brits take the cavalry for jackals.  On top of that, I’ve got the “don’t count your chickens” syndrome, given how often the blue team has been clipped before.

Then I look at those vultures, imagining they’ve been the ones who’ve been inside the building, feasting on the place for the past umpteen years.  And then, I dislike the metaphor for the suggestion of carnage.  There’s already been way too much blood spilled already.  And who can stomach this darkness and evil vocabulary for even one more day?

Come Wednesday, hopefully the more appropriate metaphor will involve throwing open the windows, letting a decrepit house accept a fresh air.

(image: The Economist – North America Edition. Cover. November 4, 2006)

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