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December 16, 2006

Man On A Mission

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For the past three years or so, Bush has tied himself to the military without any background or accomplishment to justify it.  Now, suddenly, just when Bush has lost complete credibility as Commander and Chief, Commanding Officer McCain shows up in Iraq meeting with the generals and advocating his own victory plan.

Really, I don’t know what impelled me to seek out this shot of P.O.W. McCain hanging in the Maison Centrale Prison (or “Hanoi Hilton”) museum in Hanoi.  (Via:  Maybe because “straight talk” is dead, and, instead, McCain’s is leveraging his veteran/war-hero/P.O.W. bio to out-flank Bush on Iraq, show Kerry how it’s done, and put a spit shine on his ’08 persona.

(image 1:

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