January 30, 2007

Early Scenes From The Listening Tour


It’s billed as a listening tour (with Hillary doing the listening) patterned after her New York Senate run.  It’s labeled as “a conversation.”

Watching Monday’s full NYT  (paired with this article and titled Tale of Two Clinton Campaigns), Iowa’s response to Hillary’s preseason press seemed essentially positive — at least enough so not to contradict the “just family” flavor the campaign adds to everything.

If you look past Hillary’s Oprah-style presentation, the interviews with supporters, and the applause scenes, however, you get a more complex picture.  Studying the faces in the audience, what you have are Iowans looking and listening hard, with not a small degree of skepticism.

(image still: new york times multimedia. Iowa.  January 29, 2008. nytimes.com)

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