January 7, 2007

Staring Us In The Face


Jeez, a yellow “ANY.”  Is this as skeptical as TIME could get? And why telescope this grim kid, looking like history, staring at us

I’ve got a few takes, then I’d like to hear yours.

First, the stare feels like TIME pawning off the responsibility and guilt for more lives sacrificed (potentially, even Philip’s here) on you and me.

Second, by branding it as “THE SURGE” (as opposed to the President’s proposal), TIME not only gives it legitimacy and impetus,  but the feeling of inevitability .

Lastly, what I think this cover is really getting at, but the media is simply too terrified to outright explore, is the skepticism of an angry and manipulated military.  Too bad, too, because the problem is right here staring us in the face.

(image: Yuri Kozyrev/TIME.  Cover.  January 15, 2007)

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Michael Shaw
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