January 1, 2007

Victory Pictures


I need a synonym for “irony.”  Writing about Iraq these past few years, I’ve worn the word out.

Reading the NYT article marking and statistically analyzing the 3,000 U.S. losses, road side explosive devices have been a primary and ever increasing threat.  The information reminded me of this image that circulated in a few papers following Robert Gate’s recent visit to Iraq.  It shows Gates posing with members of Task Force Troy, a unit specialized in handling these devices, at Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq.

Maybe it’s the protective suit making the knelling man look like a creature from another world.  Maybe it’s the fact the photo so intentionally calls out the problem.  Either way, despite best intentions, this pic doesn’t stack up well — particularly this week — with either the milestone or the data.

(image: AP Photo/Cherie A. Thurlby. December. 22, 2006. via YahooNews)

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