January 12, 2007

Your Turn: Bugle Boy


(larger version here)

Talk about a fruitful time for images.

Because … there are literally a half-dozen incredible pictures on my desktop, all so desperate for attention that I can hardly choose; the week wore me out a little bit; the BAG discussion threads have been on fire, and I always want to make more room for you… once again, our trusty stimulus, The Economist, rides to the rescue (if you can take one more post about Bugle Boy).

Silly at first, I think the construction and the layer of messaging in this illustration is just fabulous.  Having spent some time looking at this, there seems to be a good eight or nine separate visual tidings transmitted here about the facts, political dynamics and shifting perceptions of the war.  So, I leave this to you, the BNN cavalry.

Before I ride out, however, I wanted to endorse a sentiment expressed in the threads this week.

I know a lot of you — especially new visitors — have been enjoying the commentary and the discussion here, but have been hesitant to jump in.  Because many of the “regulars” have been around for a while, are pretty familiar each other, and have pretty sharp eyes, I can see how that might raise the bar.  Still, with the good spirit, along with the respect for the subjective, and the love of the “aha” moment we all bring to our project here, the more ideas, voices and new friends (if also, occasional sparring partners), the better.

(illustration: unattributed. The Economist.  January 13 – 19, 2007.  Cover)

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