February 8, 2007

Link Collage

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1. From the front lines of the anti-commercialism battlefront, thought you might appreciate this “street action” video from New York’s Anti-Advertising Agency.  (Via Social Design Notes).

2. Reviewing the use of video by ’08 challengers, I guess the NYT couldn’t help but revive the “Breck Girl sobriquet.”  The article features a YouTube link to Feeling Pretty.  (BTW, did the Times mention it’s in slow motion?)

3. Not familiar with Jim Johnson’s Politics, Theory and Photography?  In particular, check this low view of Paul Wolfowitz.

4. Raul Gutierrez at Heading East has a nice post/video link on autism.

The “collage” is a short list of social/political visuals The BAG recommends; admires; envies; can’t get to itself; or can’t let go by (with at least one eye on the growing number of photo/visual blogs).  Feel free to discuss whatever strikes you, and if you have recommendations, by all means, forward to: Openbag AT Bagnews DOT com.

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