February 23, 2007

While Dems See Red, McCain Banks Green

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“What you really need is a sea change in public opinion,” says McCain. “Global warming has to become a campaign issue, and it never has, either in congressional campaigns or senatorial campaigns or presidential campaigns.”

— John McCain, March 2004 (via alternet.org)

Call it a twofer.

Not only did McCain bag a photo op with Arnold on Wednesday, he also scored the L.A. port and all those Long Beach oil refineries.  (It’s unusual, I know, but given much better photos of Arnold, I had to go with the better shot of the port.)

If you hadn’t noticed — and who would, with the Dems fighting like cats? — McCain has publicly moved onto Gore’s turf and is now campaigning hard on global warming.  Just to put a Republican spin on it, he’s even reframed it as a national security issue.  (To be fair, I should emphasize the issue is not new to McCain, just opportune.  See the Alternet link above for background.)

The subject does more for McCain, however, than attract moderates and progressives, and change the subject from Iraq.  The other benefit is a visual one — especially while he leads the pack on the subject.


As you can see, going up against C02 affords you all kinds of names and faces to associate with.  As far as I know, Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t been scheduled yet.  PR-wise, however, McCain started things rolling a week ago at the Capitol Hill G8+5 Climate Change Dialogue.  In that instance, the Senator made the newswires alongside climate mega-benefactor, Richard Branson.

As the campaign progresses, the question may not be how many others go green, but whether anyone can milk it more strongly than McCain.

(image 1: Kevin Chang/Press Telegram. Los Angeles, February 21, 2007. via YahooNews. image 2: AFP/File/Nicholas Kamm. Washington, DC,  February 14, 2007. via YahooNews)

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