March 14, 2007

The Usual Motion









It’s a survey — using each newswire photo available on Yahoo News last night — of U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ news conference yesterday.  Yes, that’s the session where Gonzales admitted “mistakes were made” regarding the politically-motivated firing of seven different United States attorneys this January.

Whether the sequence is in perfect order, it seems to capture the typical progression when still another indiscretion of this unethically-challenged administration comes to light.  The stages could be defined as 1.) We’re fine, right?  2.)  This is how it is.  3. Don’t get me mad.  And finally,  4.) See ya later.

There were two other shots in the thread last night that were also interesting.  There was this one, making the point, I assume, that the fish always stinks from the head.  And there was this one — also from the press conference. 

With Rove caught up in the scandal, too, was it his idea to juxtapose Gonzales with RFK yesterday?  And, if so, to what advantage?  In renaming the building for Bobby, the Bush Administration completely confused Kennedy’s war on crime with their own, legally open-ended and extra-legal war on terror.

(images 1 – 8: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters or Gerald Herbert/AP. Justice Department, March 13, 2007. via YahooNews. Cheney/Gonzales: Paul J. Richards/AFP. Washington. 2006.  Kennedy/Gonzales: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters.  all via YahooNews.)

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