April 17, 2007

Business, Glam And Virginia Tech

“Business remains at the heart of our culture, nationally and globally,” he said. “The traditional business magazines have had trouble capturing and expressing that excitement in recent years, and the ad market has reflected that, but I think the tide is turning.”

— Robert Safian, Editor and managing director of Fast Company. Former executive editor of Fortune.

(Click right arrow to start slide show.  Click on double row of boxes to see individual slides.)

Portfolio Magazine article: Weapons-of-Mass-Production – link. Portfolio Weapons Of Mass Production slideshow.  NYT article: In a Troubled Time, a New Business Magazine – link.  NYT article: ‘Horror and Disbelief’ at Virginia Tech – link.  NYT Virginia Tech slide show – link.

(Portfolio photos: Christopher Griffith. Portfolio.com.  Virginia Tech image 1: Win McNamee/Getty Images. April 16, 2007.  Virginia.  image 2: Mannie Garcia/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images. Blacksburg. image 3: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters.  all via nytimes.com)

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