April 3, 2007

Since November (#3): Liberal Pricks


THESE are balmy days on the American left — genuine, uncharacteristic sunniness unpolluted by some fluky political climate change. There is even talk of a — stutter, clear-throat, perish-thought — liberal resurgence.

Above is the first paragraph of a cheeky, thoroughly-stereotyped article from a February NYT Week In Review article ("Leftward Ho?") proclaiming America as undergoing "a liberal moment.”  Thesis and tone aside, what I couldn’t figure out was the accompanying graphic.  Particularly, why is the U.S. divided in half, especially from (more than) mid-west to east?  Is it some kind of play on the title?

On the other hand, maybe the map is just a distraction device for the multiple pin holes — as if the stock of (cardboard and slightly bent) liberals must inevitably rise and even take hold of things — but only momentarily.

This eight day series, titled "Since November," looks at images that have caught The BAG’s
attention over the past four months. Many are inspired by the change in
political landscape following the Democratic Congressional victory
in November. In this stretch, I am taking some time off, leaving the
site — and the conversation — in your hands.

(illustration: Micelle Monish.  February 18, 2007.  NYT WIR. nytimes.com)

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