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May 19, 2007

Covering Nimoy's Latest Subject


Even though the article outlines how he became concerned with the obese female form, because this is The Times and there are standards to uphold, photographer Leonard Nimoy had better not move his head.

It’s not just the visual censorship, but the story doesn’t even offer a link to Nimoy’s controversial subject matter.  This image, at this size, appears below the featured photo showing a far less severe-looking Mr. Nimoy in front of a wall of his own, unrelated (and much less discernible) photographs.

Here’s the photo above without Nimoy standing in front of it; the home page of Nimoy’s “Full Body Project,” and background on Nimoy’s previous, and also controversial series, The Shekhina Project, examples of which form the background in the article’s lead shot.

(image: Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times. 2007.

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