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May 2, 2007

Power Of The Pen



I was interested in the “photo dialogue” in this morning’s NYT report on the Iraq spending battle.

Leading the article is a close-up shot of Bush at a White House podium, the Jefferson Memorial in the distance, promising to veto the Democrat’s war appropriations/withdrawal-timetable. In response, if in thumbnail down the the side column, is the photo of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi signing the House-Senate legislation, which was delivered to Bush yesterday.

Given an Administration for which perception is everything, the “conversation” spells trouble.  As political commentary, the symbolism suggests a shift in the power scale (as well as another win for the Pelosi impression factory). 

Up to now, it has been the Democrats relegated to the pulpit, with the President the sole holder of the pen.

(image 1: Doug Mills/The New York Times.  image 2: Yuri Gripas/Reuters.  Washington.  May 1, 2007.

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