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May 14, 2007

There Are Shootings And There Are Shootings: The Scene From Kandahar


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That’s one clever image of slain Taliban leader Mullah Dadullah the NYT offered up this morning.  (Story link.)

Featuring a snapshot of the snapshot and its documentation as “the news,” what it affirms (because the audience, by now, is plenty savvy) is that this is as much (or more) a touchdown scored for the perceptual war as a strategic achievement on the military playing field. 

(If time is patience; patience for the Administration’s terror war is wearing out; and a vivid trophy can earn its five seconds — if not, fifteen minutes — then voilà.)

As to the color dynamics, or any thoughts on the rare portrait of the picture takers in the Afghanistan theater, I defer to you.

(image: Hamed Zalmy/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images.  Kandahar, Afghanistan. May 13, 2007. via caption: The body of Mullah Dadullah, thought to be the Taliban’s top operational commander, was shown in Kandahar on Sunday.)

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