June 19, 2007

Bubba's Back (If Without The Same Badda Bing)




What was brilliant about the Clinton/Sorpranos video was not so much the hype over the "campaign theme song" — or even the parody of the Sopranos episode.  What was brilliant was how the buzz over both topics provided effective cover, and a smooth entree for Bill Clinton to officially enter the campaign.

With most eyes on cameo guest-star "Johnny Sack," the video also allowed Hillary — through the cinematic sub-text — to take America into her confidence over Bill's supporting role.

Most of the communication occurs in the "carrot" scene.  In contrast to Tony Soprano, who ordered onion rings in the final Sopranos episode, Hillary takes the initiative to order carrot sticks for Bill.  Noticing his dejection at the sight of the vegetable, Hillary informs Bubba: "I ordered for the table."

"No onion rings?" Bill asks.

Hillary smiles, announcing: "I'm looking out for you."

The underlying message to the folks at home?  a.)  The syndicate has a new boss.  b.)  Bill's on a short leash.  c.)  Bill — unlike Tony — is going to do what's good for him.  (After all, if she can't manage the one person, who is going to trust her with another 300 million or so?)

Finally, drawing an analogy between the Clintons and the Sopranos was also a master stroke.  By way of comparison, Team Hillary points out that a family's dark side can not only yield stronger bonds, but can even form the basis for wide popularity.

(screen shots:  hillaryclinton.com)

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