June 5, 2007

The BAG's Nominee For This Month's War Infotainment Award

Okay, I’ve got my nominee for this month’s War Infotainment Award!  And the honor goes to: The National Geographic Channel for the web promo: Inside The Green Berets

In retrospect, how fortuitous this film crew almost got blown to bits in Afghanistan or there wouldn’t have been anything substantive enough to wrap this Hollywood-style Afghanistan embed experience around.  Otherwise, we might never have had:

…this sexy video game-like promo with the depiction of  nomads in turbans and the band of brothers, complete with stars-and-stripes, humvees, loads of barbed wire, and the requisite explosion when "SOMETHING GOES TERRIBLY WRONG!"

… the opportunity to learn about this production at NYTimes.com alongside an article titled: 14 More American Servicemen Are Killed in Iraq, Most of Them by Makeshift Bombs.  (Sorry if the colorful, half-column multimedia ad with the inset video, above, is not still running.)

… the chance to watch an actual director interview in which the man takes up 2/3 of the feature detailing how this video is about Afghanistan and our courageous troops there, and not about him, his crew and the explosion; not about him, his crew and the explosion; not about him, his crew and the explosion.

… the ability to learn more about the program’s web sponsors, including Military.com (with a link to a Military.com Entertainment page featuring "Shock and Awe" videos).

I mean, with a war this entertaining, what’s left to say but …  Dare to explore!

(video: nationalgeographic.com)

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