July 2, 2007

An English Weekend

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The English had a full plate this weekend, what with Northern England suffering more than $2 billion in property damage after torrential rains killed four people and damaged more than 27,000 homes and 5,000 businesses, with more rain to come; Wimbledon moved into the quarterfinals; Princes Harry and William hosted a concert in memory of their mother, Princess Diana, at Wembley Stadium; and, of course … two men rammed a jeep into an entrance at Glasgow Airport in Scotland (after an unsuccessful double car bombing in London).

I found No Quarter (via Atrios) on-point this Saturday (“Glasgow’s Burning–Run For Your Lives”) in intentionally playing with scale … as I’ve tried to do above.

Seems like part of our post-9/11, post-Bush GWOT “growing up” has to do with putting terrorism and terror attacks (and/or “terror incidents“) into some kind of perspective.

(image 1: Darren Staples/Reuters. June 30, 2007. Toll Bar, northern England. image 2: Joe Klamar/AFP. June 29, 2007. Wimbledon.  image 3: Leon Neal/AFP.  London.  July 1, 2007. image 4: Alistair Robertson/PA/AP. Glasgow, Scotland. June 30, 2007.  All via YahooNews)

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