August 31, 2007

BAG Past, Present And Future: An Old Half-Baked Idea That Might Finally Have Arrived


I was meeting this morning with my board of advisors (for some reason, I can consistently find them around the kitchen table), and one said:  “Hey, I bet a lot of your newer readers don’t know why this site is named the way it is.”

And another one said: “Yeah, and they probably don’t how The BAG was an experiment playing around with visual metaphor to see how much of a news story you could pack into one picture.”

So, with that in mind, plus the fact this is one of the big holiday weekends, and because things have been almost unrelentingly serious around here, I offer you this “original” that appeared back in August of ’04.

Digby’s post on Monday helps recollect why Iraq’s potential next leader was on The BAG’s radar at the time.  Of course, the other point this illustrates, as I’ve said before, is that: if you watch this administration long long enough, it all comes around again.

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