September 25, 2007

Did You Hear That Hitler Was In Town?


Didn’t anybody learn anything from the cheerleading that greased the skids of the Bush 43 Gulf War? 
Isn’t there any spine left in the face of Dick and Georgette his Mini-Me?  Is our democracy so compromised right now that we wouldn’t think, simply left to answer questions,  Ahmadinejad wouldn’t dig a deep enough hole on his own — without trying to insure the fact through  bullying and harrassment?

I mean, you almost expect it from a rag like the Daily News (reviving the lizard-brain Crusader "good versus evil" lingo, as well as the "greatest dictator in history" hyperbole). but what about everybody else?

For example, consider the small minded attack by Columbia President Bollinger preceding Ahmadinejad’s Q. and A. at the university yesterday.  It’s a sad day when the head of one of our leading academic institutions feels the need to build up his he-man credentials so people in high places won’t try and make him pay for offering a microphone  to simply the worst dictator who ever lived.

And then, look at the body language and listen to the tone of 60 Minutes crimes against humanity prosecutor Administration surrogate reporter Scott Pelley.  Scott doesn’t look as tough, however, after Ahmadinejad quick kicks him back to the 4th Estate.


And then, check out the last image CBS dropped into its Ahmadinejad slideshow.

Here’s the caption:

A U.S. hostage (blindfolded) is seen Nov. 8, 1979, being paraded by his captors in the compound of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran. Five U.S. survivors of the 444-day siege later said they remembered seeing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during the dramatic 1979 takeover of the embassy. Iranian veterans of the standoff flatly denied that he was involved.

I can’t (yet I can) believe that CBS would stoop so low.  I did a post on this image over two years ago, right after Mahmoud came to power … when his connection to the Embassy hostage taking — at least, as a front line participant — was debunked.

(image 1: NY Daily News cover.  September 24, 2007. image 2: CBS 60 Minutes. September 23, 2007. via  image 3: AFP/Getty.  Tehran, Iran.  image 3: Getty Images. Tehran.  1979.)

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