September 11, 2007

Face It, Iraq Was All About 9/11


I had a little piece at C&L about three weeks ago speculating that the Democratic leadership would certainly be smart enough not to let the Administration have Petraeus testify on 9/11 and thereby exploit the fabulous opportunity to link the two together.

And what happened?

It was as simple a tactic as it was brilliant.  So, what did we get on the cover of  the NYT, WAPO and the LAT this AM?


Reading the anniversary front page, Iraq was about how we got just a little bogged down defending the terrorist attacks and trying to defeat that very stubborn al-Qaeda.  Fine points and the subtleties of scheduling aside, if people didn’t associate the two before, they will much more after today, and after the Petraeus show.

Thumbs up, Karl!

(image: Barbara Davidson/Los Angeles Times.  September 3, 2007. via

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