September 20, 2007

Rudy PM


Does anyone still use the word “boffo?”

The Caucus piece conveys the surprise, on the part of the London press, that Gordon Brown would afford Rudy the venue.  What’s with/behind that?  (And then, the visual coordination seems, uhm, “tailored” also.)

Why so smug?

1.  The obvious: No. 10 backdrop conveys aura of elected head of state. 

2.  Going into Tabloid Land and being first (’08) candidate to do it (at least, with this kind of reception), Hizzoner scores important celebrity points.  (Big bonus as Rudy elevates in media primary.)

3.  “Terror War Express” easier to pimp in light of European/Muslim tensions and UK string of attacks.

4.  Maybe largest impact: Puts Judith in “first lady” light.  Kick off of process to smooth out RG “relationship history/family man” woes?

(image: Harry Hamburg for The New York Times.  London. September 19, 2007.

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