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November 20, 2007

Put Your Hand In The Hand Of The Man Who Stirred The Water


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As obsessive as I am about sourcing and crediting, I honestly cannot remember where this came from or even when I found it.

What I do know is that I haven’t seen it around, and that I’ve been holding onto it to some time.  (As I start to downshift into the holiday, it’s possible you’re going to see more “eclectic” material popping out of The BAG — at least through Sunday.)

Anyway, with the level of polarization in the country still unremittingly high (even though the end of Bush is coming into view); and recalling how Cindy was on her way back to the ranch for Thanksgiving this time two years ago; and, this being the season, ostensively, of peace and goodwill; I thought you might appreciate this portrait suggesting, well… you tell me.

(Image: if someone knows, please email me!)

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