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November 21, 2007

Taking My Cue


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If Ron Paul can take a short rest on a long march… I guess The BAG can too.

If you’ve got a take on the composition, be my guest.  As well, I would love your thoughts, feedback or requests on The State Of The BAG. If you’re feeling particularly reflective, you might also revisit recent posts featuring work by contributers Nina Berman (Wartime America) and Lori Grinker (“Canyon of Heroes” ) (Regarding Lori’s shot, by the way, did anyone notice that the policewoman and most of the soldiers happened to be women?)

In the meantime, I’m going to not think about pictures for a couple days, until I pick up again on Saturday (or Sunday at the latest).  I wish you a warm and peaceful Thanksgiving.

(image: Jim Cole / AP. “Rest for the Weary.”  November 7, 2007.  caption: Republican presidential hopeful, Representative Ron Paul takes a short rest from campaigning at his headquarter in Concord, New Hampshire. of the week)

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