December 16, 2007

Gore's Climate Problems

Gore-Climate How outrageous Gore should be visually called out for harshly pointing fingers in a pic that was widely  published on-line …

… while Bush, the legislation killer, sits beside the fireplace, amidst the pine cones, under George  Washington (for the millionth time)  with this sh*t eating grin on his face (visual link),  while earning notoriety for his ability to deal with nobody, and get  away with it.

Mark Sobel, a long time reader who keeps me up on such things, offered these possible captions:

Uncle Al Wants You.

Still Shrill After All These Years.

Fat Man Wary of Heat Stays Out of Kitchen.

Yes, Antonin, You Have a Question?

There, That Burning Bush.

President Vetoes Second Measure to Expand Children’s Health Program

US Democrats compromise to get support for energy bill

Democrats bow to Bush spending limit Iraq War Funding Imminent,Timeline Absent

Bush threatens to veto anti-torture Bill

(image: Xinhua/AFP Photo.  December 12, 2007 via

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