January 5, 2008

"Almost Falling In The Aisles" by P.T. Huckabee

Huck-Orange-RollingOrange you glad your editor gave you the Big Mike assignment, as opposed to, say, a ride on the Thompson wagon?

The CW might be that the media loves McCain (link), but this pic reinforces (as did the hunting gig; the shaving gig; the Leno gig; and the ad-pulling gig) how much the Huckster  — the P.T. Barnum of Campaign ’08 — has them looking not at him, per se, but at the latest role — err, roll.

The Real Deal by digby

Pictures of the Day, Jan. 4  (NYT Slide Show)

Your Turn: Displaying An Edge (BNN)

(image: Todd Heisler/The New York Times.  January 4, 2007.  nytimes.com)

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