January 23, 2008

Campaign Visuals In the Age of Facebook

13497296550PxI wanted to mention my new piece at American Photo, an interview with photographer Stephen Ferry.

Specifically, it’s an analysis of an image Stephen shot just before the New Hampshire primary, and a look at how recent campaign coverage can be seen to reflect a “Facebook aesthetic.”

If Ferry is more well known for his civil war coverage in Columbia, the part of his bio that stands out for me is the time he spent as White House photographer for Ronald Reagan.  More than anything though, Stephen has a deft ability to culturally and politically read a photograph.  I hope to bring more of his analysis to The BAG in the near future.

Campaign Visuals In the Age of Facebook (American Photo/State of the Art)

Stephen Ferry website

(image: © Stephen Ferry/Redux.  January 7, 2008.  Rochester, New Hampshire.  Used by permission)

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