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January 31, 2008

More On The '08 Show — Including CNN's Phallic Boost To The GOP


I thought it was worth a minute to get a sense of the media’s investment in dramatizing and producing the ’08 election.  Since yesterday, the scale has been a sight to see.

The video — which I borrowed from CNN because there was no way to capture a link to it, although I tried hard to find one, email myself one, etc. — shows the effort they went to to construct the GOP debate set at the Reagan library. 

The image below is an ad for tonight’s Dem debate in Hollywood (where else?), painted on the side of a huge building off the Harbor freeway.  Nice touch, with the double row of palm trees leading to, well, you get it.

Familiar face to be missing from GOP debate (CNN debate coverage.  Plus, I love Gloria Borger in front of that plane.)
Inside the Air Force One pavilion  (Ventura County Star)

(video: Time-lapse construction of CNN’s California Republican Presidential debate set – CNN.  image : Mark Halperin. TIME.

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