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January 6, 2008

Our Man In New Hampshire #1: Rockin' With Huck

BNN Contributer Alan Chin is on the ground in New Hampshire in the final days before the primary.  Between now and Tuesday, The BAG offers you exclusive access to his impressions, candidate-by-candidate.  As always, your reactions to his reactions are encouraged.





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Alan writes:

Huckabee can play the bass, much like his fellow Arkansan governor Bill could play the sax. But that is about where the comparision, and the rational thought ends.  Chuck Norris –action star –  introduced him and was rewarded by Huckabee with a nomination to become “Secretary of Defense,” which he quickly downgraded a sentence later to “Well, maybe Chief Of White House Security.”

Next Up: Rudy’s Segway (Or: Screw The Working Class)

(All images courtesy of Alan Chin.  New Hampshire.  January 5, 2007  Used by permission)

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