January 7, 2008

Our Man In New Hampshire #4: BarackOMania

This is the fourth in a 72-hour series of campaign dispatches from photojournalist and BNN Contributer Alan Chin.  These shots were taken on Sunday at Concord High School.

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In essence, it only takes two pictures right now to tell the New Hampshire Obama story.


Alanchin-Obama-3  Alanchin-Obama-4  Chin-Obama-7

For young people, the campaign seems to be generating an untold number of future "I remember when" moments.  As Chin writes:  "Thousands of intense young college students, and many coeds, it seems, flock to Obama’s rally and cheer with a passionate intensity wholly lacking anywhere else."

Surely, the orientation is coincidental, but as everything else seems to be lining up, so too does the "Sportsmanship Award."


It seems the tone in the country is almost too jaded and polarized to believe in the kind of passion and inspiration being generated right now by this politician.

Next Up: John Edwards, then Hillary, I believe.  (…Have to see what comes through in the morning’s email)

(All images courtesy Alan Chin.  Concord, New Hampshire.  January 5, 2007  Used by permission)

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