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Activism & Protest Photo June 3, 2020

Documenting a Protest Has Never Been More Challenging

This week has been unusually difficult for photographers who are trying to cover the George Floyd protests. Essay and images by photographer Alan Chin.

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9/11 Photo September 12, 2013

Alan Chin in Lower Manhattan: 9/11 Turns Twelve

Good hack and lensman that I am, I fight for access to restricted areas, bemused that the young men and women in uniforms who see journalists as intrusive adversaries have no idea that, the dozen years back, I was here too.

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Alan Chin Photo August 22, 2013

Bradley Manning's Lawyer on the Unfairness, and Dignity, We Weren't Allowed to See

What his lawyer wanted us to know is that Manning, against the stereotype of him as diminutive and weak, behaved with dignity and grace under enormous pressure. If allowed, photographs and videos would have reflected that on the air and front pages everywhere.

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Alan Chin Photo July 13, 2013

Snowden in Moscow: “The More Photographed I Am…the More Dangerous my Situation”

It’s evident that either his sartorial taste runs quite narrowly -- as befitting a classic “computer nerd” -- or he’s very specifically controlling his image, or both.

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Alan Chin Photo July 3, 2013

Bolivian Prez Plane Caught in Snowden S-Storm. (Or: Hiding in the Millenium Falcon!)

In a crisis unlike any other — the Snowden drama playing out in secret and on the world stage -- President Evo Morales of Bolivia finally took off for home this morning in his Dassault Falcon after thirteen unscheduled hours on the ground in Vienna. So much for...

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Alan Chin Photo June 24, 2013

The Further Invisible Adventures of Edward Snowden

But it's Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas who point out in the Washington Post that the lurid aspects of Snowden's invisible adventures actually detract from the importance of his disclosures, that covering his personal ordeal "has even neutralized journalistic resources that could’ve been devoted to the larger NSA stories...

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Alan Chin Photo June 10, 2013

The Picture of Edward Snowden

So his self-knowledge here, his considered and articulate speech, the stunning power of the documents he released, all these elements make Snowden fascinating. It won't hurt him that he is white, young, good-looking, and straight. No geeky gay Bradley Manning. No hippie possible sexual predator and confirmed player, Julian...

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Alan Chin Photo April 21, 2013

Alan Chin from Watertown, MA: Endgame at 67 Franklin Street

Inside the police perimeter on Franklin Street it was hushed and quiet, with only the sound of generators powering the metal halide arc lights and a flight of bats rustling tree branches on what would return soon to simply a chilly spring night.

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Alan Chin Photo December 16, 2012

Alan Chin from the Memorial Service in Newtown, CT: Different This Time?

Perhaps what's unique about the Newtown shooting massacre, and the photos of this memorial service, is the widespread recognition of its utter familiarity.

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Alan Chin Photo October 29, 2012

Alan Chin in Nashua, New Hampshire: Pressing The Flesh

President Obama campaigns in New Hampshire, hugging babies and also adding exclamation points!

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9/11 Photo September 12, 2012

Alan Chin in Lower Manhattan: You Said You'd Never Forget

Alan Chin's moving photo-essay on the 9/11 anniversary losing its significance with images side-by-side of the near-completed Freedom Tower and his father's photo of the original World Trade Center under construction.

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Alan Chin Photo October 4, 2011

Alan Chin at Occupy Wall Street: The Human Microphone

"Perhaps not remarkable, but telling, is how the protesters remain upbeat and positive, embracing idealism without irony." -- Alan Chin's latest "photo op-ed" from Zucotti Park.

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Alan Chin Photo September 27, 2011

Alan Chin at Occupy Wall Street: Nights at Camp Hashtag

If the protest/occupation in Liberty Square is easy to make fun of, especially for its scale, it creates a new fact on the literal ground of Wall Street. These are young people, victimized by the recession, willing to publicly dissent and, as importantly, stand up against conventional wisdom.

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War & Militarism Photo September 12, 2011

Alan Chin on "the 9/11 Decade": Beyond Pushpins On A Calendar

"Though anniversaries may just be pushpins on a calendar, they are key markers of our individual and collective lives." Photographer Alan Chin on loss and change through the 9/11 decade, from New York to Afghanistan, Iraq to New Orleans, and back again.

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9/11 Photo May 8, 2011

Alan Chin: Through the Champagne Spray – Report from Ground Zero upon bin Laden’s Death

A crowd gathered at the World Trade Center site (Ground Zero) to celebrate after President Obama announced the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

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Alan Chin Photo March 20, 2011

Alan Chin on the Middle East: Ghosts of Suez and Srebrenica

In this momentous period in the Middle East, Alan Chin reflects on military interventions that didn't happen, concerns for the one that has, and the emotional forces at play for a photojournalist now back home, while friends and colleagues remain at risk.

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Alan Chin Photo February 28, 2011

Alan Chin on the Tunisia-Libya Border: Chaos (Controlled?)

This exodus exemplifies a dark face of globalization: Smaller numbers from richer societies are taken care of, while the masses of laborers from poor countries struggle to survive -- and that is a fundamental reason why this wave of revolt and revolution has swept across the region.

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Alan Chin Photo February 27, 2011

Alan Chin on the Tunisia-Libya Border: Exodus

It's no longer quiet at Tunisia's Ras Jedir border where Alan Chin had been attempting to cross into Libya these past two days. Instead, there is now a mass of evacuees choking the area.

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