February 12, 2008

Badly Lacking

Gates-Strategies Mccain-Rescue

Maybe this is more Wonkette than BAG material, I don’t know.

Still, I saw both last night while doing my tour around.  The top shot is Robert Gates at the Conference on Security Policy in Munich on Sunday.  (Here’s the justice.)  The McCain image was taken at a rally at the Virginia Aviation Museum on Monday.  According to the caption, this A-4 is just like the one he was flying when he was shot down in ‘Nam.  (Frankly, I’m so exhausted by the war props … but maybe that’s more Mac’s problem than mine.)

What these pics mostly make me think about, however — beyond the (not so) subliminal — is how Rove, with all his exacting visual message discipline, would never have let either of these shots happen.  Especially not the latter.

(image 1: Alexandra Beier/Reuters.  Munich. February 10, 2008.  image 2: Steve Helber/A.P.  Feb. 11, 2008. Richmond, Va. Via YahooNews)

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