February 28, 2008

But You Knew The Capitol Of Vermont


More often these days, it’s parody which brings the most poignancy and illumination to the news narrative.

Much more than the SNL skit framing Obama as the object of media love, however, last weekend’s more substantial piece was represented by the shots below.



Watching Tina Fey doing the Women’s News segment of Weekend Update, spending most of her time on Hillary and finishing out, with Amy Poehler, in an unabashed celebration of the female “fight instinct,” SNL illustrated — more plainly than any one else this whole political season — how much Clinton embodies the pride of so many women in the country.

In the segment, and this latter shot, in particular, the identification and enthusiasm of both women seemed to more than transcend the role.

Tina Fey – Weekend Update/Bitch Is The New Black (SNL video)

Democratic Debate (SNL video)

(screen grabs: NBC)

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