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February 25, 2008

Obama In Somali Garb No Distraction For Something Far More Scandalous


I am shocked — shocked I tell you! — that someone (most likely from the Clinton camp) released this photo of Barack Hussein Obama identifying himself so closely with corporations, banks and utilities.  Sure, I know some will try and justify this visual document with a lame, likely vocational rationalization.  But really, if the man knew in kindergarten he might some day run for president, then I’m sure back in ’92 he knew a lot better than to actually draw himself into such incriminating company.

On the other hand — although it was just a minor, minor visual story yesterday — did any of you happen to catch this sweet shot of Obama in traditional Somali garb from his last trip to Kenya?



Why is the Obama Campaign Freaked About a Photo? Mostly love the pictures.  (Taylor Marsh)

Obama-in-Dress Photo Backfires on Clinton (Gawker)

(h/t: Tony F. image 1: floating around, and image 2: floating around)

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