February 8, 2008

The Gawker

Romney-MichiganWhat is becoming more clear now — having dropped out of the race to protect the country in wartime — is how much Mitt’s campaign was like amateur hour.

How else do you explain this shot of Mitt and Ann last month in the Michigan state capitol rotunda under a portrait of Mitt’s father, the late Governor.

Even if you are feeling awe, you don’t stand there –across from the photographers, in the middle of your presidential campaign –looking wide-eyed with your mouth hanging open, especially when your Dad — larger-than-life, and venerated above you — is looking like he still owns the place.

Miscalculations Dogged Romney From the Start (NYT)

image from
Romney Drops Out Of Presidential Race (WAPO slideshow)

Romney: A Shadow Of The Real Deal (BNN)

(image: LM Otero/AP.  Michigan. Jan. 11, 2008. washingtonpost.com)

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