February 6, 2008

Your Turn: San Diego

Mario Tama, Getty Images. San Diego.  February 5, 2008

I was really fascinated with the McCain image that appeared on yesterday morning’s NYT front page.  I found it particularly unusual as the shot they chose to mark his Super Tuesday victory.

Given our mission at BAGnewsNotes,  we have a unique opportunity in the coming days to consider and analyze — from the beginning — how the media goes about visually framing McCain.  This photo, taken by Mario Tama, the fine Getty photographer and friend of The BAG, was taken at an aircraft company in San Diego on election day.  What do you make of it, both the shot itself, and the fact The Times elevated it the way they did?

If you’re new to the site, or have been hesitant to jump into the discussion, by the way, I’m offering you special encouragement as we all visually move into the post-Bush era.

NYT Front Page image September 6, 2008

(image: Mario Tama, Getty Images. San Diego.  February 5, 2008.  via usatoday.net)

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