February 14, 2008

Your Turn: Welcome To New Orleans


People in New Orleans are not just angry but also horribly embarrassed by this Times Picayune photo — featuring Mayor Nagin and the police chief — illustrating a recent city purchase of SWAT and riot equipment.  Compounding the reaction, Nagin used the occasion to welcome the NBA All Star Game to New Orleans this weekend.  I should also mention, the photo was taken on the floor of the Superdome.  The armored vehicle in the background was part of the buy.

Your thoughts, lamentations, weapon tutorials?

N.O. police show off new crime-fighting equipment — (original NOLA story with long comment thread)

Blinded By The Light? – (BNN)

(image: Eliot Kamenitz, The Times-Picayune.  New Orleans.  February 12, 2008. nola.com)

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