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BAGannouncements Photo March 31, 2008

BAGnewsSALON 3.30.08

Thanks to all who came by Sunday for the BAGnewsSALON. If you missed it, no worries, there will be many more.

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Iraq Civil War – #4 (Day 4): The Mighty U.S. Trained And Supported Iraqi Army

If the U.S. general public was tuning in at all to the current goings-on in Iraq, this image alone could blow a major hole in the Administration's rationale for being there.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo March 29, 2008

Iraq Civil War – #3 (Day 4): Ganging Up

Look for the Administration to vigorously cover-up the Iraqi Government's power play and (rhetorically, as well as literally) attempt to nail the Mahdi, although more for face-saving purposes than anything else.

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Iraq Civil War – #2 (Day 3): Two Georges Up In Flames

Finally, a news photo that illuminates the politics of the current Iraqi firestorm rather than the wrenching, but mostly non-explanatory wailing and corpse images.

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Culture Focus Photo March 27, 2008

Your Turn: Vogue + LaBron (Kong?) + Gisele = Kaching

Some say the photo of LeBron James -- in a gorilla-like pose -- perpetuates racial stereotypes.

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Iraq Civil War – #1 (Day 2): Deathly Simple

How clean and simple really, just one more Mahdi evil-doer on his way to paradise.

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Uncategorized Photo March 26, 2008

So, So?

I think I've become anesthetized not just to the mind-bending arrogance of Dick Cheney, but to the tendency of the media to either giggle, or simply look away.

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Campaign '08 Photo March 25, 2008

The Dynamics Of Tuzla

Obviously, photographs can be damaging to a candidate, such as the mild images of Hillary at the Tuzla airport after she spoke of being greeted by gunfire.  However, we don't often know to think why.

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Kerry-McCain '02 (Or:The McCain Slouch)

The shot leads off yesterday's NYT story about two instances in which McCain seriously entertained hooking up with the Dems.  Apparently, Mac -- after having been beaten (up) by Bush for the nomination -- actively explored switching sides in '01.  And in '04, he pursued discussions regarding running as...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo March 24, 2008


5 years. 4,000 U.S. military dead. More Iraqis lost than under Saddam's entire rule. While the media and the political establishment somehow refuse to look at the overall picture, the photographer can't miss it.

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Campaign '08 Photo March 23, 2008

Hoping To Bring Peace To Hillary's (Not Just Northern Ireland) Experience

Perhaps Clinton damages her cause by overselling her experience, likening herself more to a Vice President than a consistent advisor, emissary and/or ambassador.  To the extent however, that the fear of gender discrimination hangs over, and inhibits, practical discussion of her actual experience, it makes it difficult to define...

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The Coming Of Age Of The Blast Wall

Doesn't this image start to locate McCain character on the shadow side of the "uniter or divider" question in a way that seems larger than just one issue or one snapshot?

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The Petraeus Insurgency

What became codified as "the surge," having evaded Congress, appears to have morphed into a large-scale insurgent force within our own military.

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Campaign '08 Photo March 22, 2008


What is becoming abundantly clear (at least, studying the images "with the sound off") is that McCain not only lacks any idea how to present himself professionally to the public, but that he seems characterologically unable to lend himself to this kind of management.

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Faith Focus Photo

Pew Trust

it is interesting how Obama could be crucified for his relationship with his pastor while an incurious media simply takes a pass on the spiritual vulnerabilities of Clinton and McCain.

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Race Focus Photo March 21, 2008

The Mere Sight Of Wright

But whether there was some connection there or with Reverend Wright, or as the Clinton spokesperson said yesterday, "Bill Clinton met with, corresponded with and took pictures with literally tens of thousands of people,” facts are no longer the issue.

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Originals Photo March 20, 2008

Philip Jones Griffiths

It's both strange and curious that the photographer, Philip Jones Griffiths, would die on the five-year anniversary of the Iraq War.

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Before I Could Explain

I saw this yesterday and, compared to almost any image and accompanying description I think I've seen, this says everything one needs to know about Cheney/Bush's Iraq war.

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