March 20, 2008

Before I Could Explain


Compared to almost any image and accompanying description I’ve seen these past five years, this says everything one needs to know about Cheney/Bush’s Iraq war.

It was included in FirstPerson, a feature of the MSNBC website where readers can post their own pictures.  The specific section, titled “FirstPerson from the frontlines,” is dedicated to images from U.S. soldiers in Iraq.  The picture was posted by “Anonymous,” and the description reads as follows:

Picture of me and some Iraqi kids home alone in Ta’meem Ramadi in 2006.

They had a wall rug with a picture of the signing of the United States

Declaration of Independence in their living room.

I asked them if their parents told them what it meant and they did not have a clue.

Their parents purchased the rug in a market.  I also have a second picture of the entire wall rug.

We had to leave before I could explain what the picture meant.

Every time I think about this, I just want to cry.

FirstPerson from the frontlines (MSNBC)

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