March 18, 2008

Bush's Sub-Prime Moment


If Katrina only crippled Bush in the compassion department, I’m thinking this shot should finish him.  (And watch out for the bull!)

I can imagine they’re embarrassed as hell, but it’s just remarkable Prez and the financial SWAT team would actually be grinning like idiots in front of the visual press while the financial system is bleeding out.  What else can you make of this but: “Good job, Brownie Paulson!”  and “Good job, Brownie Bernanke!”

Before the Coke is all gone, break out the bourbon!

image from: Bush Supports Fed’s Actions, but Critics Quickly Find Fault (NYT)

How to Make a Perfect Bourbon and Coke (wikihow)

(image: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times.  March 17, 2008.  Washington.

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