March 1, 2008

Some Questions Over Favoritism

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Examining this photo sequence accompanying Saturday’s NYT front page article dealing with whether the candidates are getting a fair shake from the media, The BAG wonders if any opinion is telegraphed here?

As the front runner, it makes sense that Obama would be on top.  But for someone often accused of having his head in the clouds, exactly where is his head?  And, for a story about media treatment, isn’t it a bit loaded to have that reporter, at waist-level, looking up to an elevated Obama that way?

And then, in comparison, Hillary (directing her comments to who-knows-who) doesn’t exactly come off like the center of attention, does she?

On the Press Bus, Some Questions Over Favoritism (NYT)

The Myth of Objectivity (Newsweek)

(image 1: Damon Winter/The New York Times. image 2: Todd Heisler/The New York Times.

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