March 16, 2008

Taking It To Condi

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I was struck by two images of Condi Rice testifying before Congress for the last time concerning the State Department budget.  The Dada-esque first shot, framing members of Code Pink, seems to symbolize how Rice’s tenure, the Bush foreign policy, and Condi’s continued globetrotting, has become thoroughly farcical.

Condi-Sharon-Stone  Although the intended meme aims for “blood on her hands,” the combination of red and pink, married to the silly-bored look on the face of the guy to the left of Condi and the woman set back to her right (and then, check out the pink tie on the guy far left) seems to only make a silly soup.

Shades of Sharon Stone, the second shot reveals Condi split in two, her mute, sullen head (fused into a handless-clock) is distinctly separated from her long, crossed, shapely and seductively lit legs.  I agree that Condi didn’t have the head for the job, but the image seems to suggest the reason had something to do with her sex.

I have to wonder if this image still would have circulated if the country wasn’t caught up right now in such  heightened tension over politics and gender.  I find it hitting “below the belt.”

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(image one:  Doug Mills/The New York Times.  image 2: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters.  Washington, D.C.  March 12, 2008.)

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