April 30, 2008

Obama On Trial (Or: Media Completely Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright On This One)

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But Steve Achelpohl, the Nebraska Democratic chairman who recently endorsed Mr. Obama, called the controversy over Mr. Wright “a bump in the road” for the candidate. Mr. Achelpohl said he thought — or hoped — that Mr. Obama’s denunciation of Mr. Wright on Tuesday would move the campaign beyond the problem.

“I think it’s been blown way out of proportion, and people will realize that,” he said. “This is a media-driven thing and a presidential candidate shouldn’t have to vet every person that he has had a relationship with in his life.”

With the near week-long pre-Pennsylvania media orgy over the “bitter” comments still fresh in mind, you can see, above, how yesterday’s Day Four pre-Indiana/N. Carolina installment of the Wright paroxysm played out in the NYT dead tree edition.

The front page treatment and the double, jumbo-sized pics beautifully capture how the media has blown the Wright situation out of all proportion (while lending more understanding to Obama’s look of disgust on page A17).  Noteworthy, as well, is the comparison between the two images at either end of that page — the latter of which has the feel of crowing.

And, as a visual illustration by itself, what follows is a list of the NYT Obama-Wright links since Monday:

quote from: Wright Remains a Concern for Some Democrats (Thursday NYT)

After Break With Ex-Pastor, Obama Tries to Move On (Thursday NYT)

Primary Loss and Furor Over Ex-Pastor Hurt Obama in Poll (Thursday NYT)

A Strained Wright-Obama Bond Finally Snaps (Thursday NYT)

While Clinton Focuses, Obama Is Distracted (Thursday NYT)

Obama Breaks Forcefully With Ex-Pastor Over Fiery Remarks

(Print Headline: an angry obama renounces ties to his ex-pastor) ( Wed NYT)

Mr. Obama and Rev. Wright (Wed NYT)

Praying and Preying (Wed NYT)

Clinton Tweaks Obama on Wright (Wed NYT)

The TV Watch: Not Speaking for Obama, Pastor Speaks for Himself, at Length (Tues NYT)

Blogtalk: The Wright-Obama Drama (Tues – NYT)

Obama Says He’s Outraged by Ex-Pastor’s Comments (Tues – NYT)

Obama Adds to Distance From Pastor (Tues NYT)

The Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Speaks for Himself (Tues NYT)

The Pastor Casts a Shadow (Tues NYT)

Obamas Wright Response (Tues NYT)

Dribbling Past Reverend Wright (Tues NYT)

Former Pastor of Obama Says He Isn’t Divisive (Mon NYT)

Obama Addresses Ex-Pastor’s Media Blitz (Mon NYT)

Wright Defends Church and Blasts Media (Mon NYT)

McCain Criticizes Remarks by Obama’s Former Pastor (Mon NYT)

The Early Word: McCain Takes Up Wright Issue (Mon NYT)

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