April 9, 2008

President Matthews


Some thoughts on the image leading the early-release 8000 word NYT Magazine piece on Chris Matthews (the photo supplied by, yep, Chris Matthews).

1.  Great shot of President Matthews. Who’s the minor aide in the red-and-blue tie that Chris couldn’t be bothered with?

2. As a guy famous for his sexism, ain’t this the ultimate boys club?

3. What’s most surprising about the pic is the suggestion that Chris could have actually been even younger than he is now.

… I was going to raise a stink about how Chris landed in the limelight of the political media universe at this particular moment, but you know, with what Petraeus was allowed to get away with earlier this week, the Matthews chaser seems perfectly fitting.

The Aria of Chris Matthews (NYT Magazine)

(image: unattributed.  from Chris Matthews. caption: 1980  With President Jimmy Carter on Air Force One. Matthews is seated, lower right, next to Hendrik Hertzberg and in front of Jody Powell.  nytmes.com)

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