April 22, 2008

War On Terror: The Game Show




President 28% has sunk so pitifully low that he’s taken to honoring Iraq vets through the vehicle of the television game show.  And, how fitting he should make his debut on a contest with the strong arm label: Deal Or No Deal.

Most painful to witness here is the emotional response — engendered less by the fact the President would reach out to a veteran than the recognition on the part of the audience (check wonderous gaping mouth in pic #3) that the leader of the free world would actually take time out of his day to engage with such mundanity.

But then, isn’t this Bush — who spent way too long lugging around all those books from Karl’s reading list — really finding his own speed?

I’m particularly interested in your take on pic #1.

video via: President Bush On Deal Or No Deal: Watch Video (Huffington Post)

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