May 5, 2008

All The Obama-Wright That Can Be Fit Into Print (Or Digital, And Now, Broadcast)

Primary-Edition-Obama-Wrigh-1 Adam Nagourney a TV star?  I don’t think so.

I just noticed, though, that the NYT has teamed up with MSNBC on a political broadcast called Primary Edition.  What primarily stood out in today’s edition, however, is that, eight days after the NYT starting milking the Jeremiah Wright story for all its color (and, on the eve of the Indiana/N.Carolina primaries), they are still working this linkage.

Choreographed with this split-screen, talking head Contessa Brewer begins today’s report as follows:

So we start this hour with the front page of the NYT, and a new NYT poll indicates that Barack Obama has survived the controversy over Reverend Wright … for now.  But this could be an issue that follows him all the way through the general election.

(She might have added: “If the NYT has anything to say about it.”)

Notice the screen caption, by the way.  (No, not the reference to tornados, although that analogy might also fit somehow.)  I’m referring to the remarkable implication that Wright, juxtaposed with Obama, somehow (still) qualifies for front page treatment.

screen shot from Primary Edition May 5, 2008 (NYT Video via

Does this guy have balls, or what: Roberts declares `Wright – free zone’ for Obama interview (AP)

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