May 11, 2008

Jenna's Blessed Wedding


Yes, thanks for the messages about Jenna’s wedding.

The setting sun, combined with GDub on the periphery, combined with the wise (and, perhaps, only) choice of holding the wedding at 28%’s retirement home picks up on the sense that Bush can’t get out of D.C. fast enough.

I also agree, the scale of the cross is very weird.  Does anyone know if it’s now a permanent fixture of the “Prairie Chapel Ranch?”  (If nothing else, it’s surely a visual vestige of the born-again nonsense — and church vs. state blurring — the country has had to put up with for the good part of a decade.)

Anyway, here’s the full White House slide show.  Hope they had a private photographer, also, and the pics weren’t all on the taxpayer’s nickel.

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