June 2, 2008

BAGnewsNotes: Mission To Denver


I’m proud to announce that BAGnewsNotes has been awarded blogger credentials to cover the Democratic National Convention.  (Here is the DNCC’s full list of who, from the ‘sphere, was accepted.)

In Denver, I’ll be working closely alongside photojournalist and BNN contributer Alan Chin (continuing our work from New Hampshire and Ohio); looking closely over the shoulder of the visual MSM; tapping the intelligence of other photojournalists on the scene; and plumbing every angle to bring you — as well as my “Reading The Pictures” audience at The Huffington Post — not just a unique convention picture, but the picture of the picture.

Because of this, and many other good things happening for the The BAG, I’d like to especially thank each of you, BNN’s supporters, readers and commenters, for all your encouragement and involvement as we continue to look more carefully and deeply into visual politics.

The image above, by the way, was captured by Alan Chin back in January in New Hampshire.  In my mind, the shot — I call it “Little McCain” — speaks to our commitment to the view; the democratic revolution in visual media; and the degree to which “McGaffe” will be in all of our sites come August.  I hope you’ll be especially tuned in to BNN.

(image © Alan Chin.  Nashua, New Hampshire.  January 2008  Used by permission.)

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