June 26, 2008

How Delicate Is Unity


The question is, how does one account for the different visual treatment (and tonally different headlines) in the same story this morning between the print front page and the electronic NYT?


The pragmatic answer, of course, is that different people are responsible for choosing the on-line and print images.

Pragmatics aside, however, there is no ignoring the contrast as it plays in the media sphere — especially as the article sets the table for tomorrow’s first Clinton – Obama post-campaign joint appearance.  (I would specifically note the “undemocratic” combination formed by caption and photo in the print offering.)

So, how much is this happenstance vs. a commentary between play acting as opposed to underlying reality vs. a struggling print product just trying to stir it up a little?

(Note: The second image, in relatively equal size, also appeared in the print edition on page A16.)

(images: Todd Heisler/NYT)

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