June 15, 2008

(NPR) Over Bush


Today, I just went for a stroll and I barely even saw a police officer, and not a single protester.

— Don Gonyea, in conversation with Andrea Seabrook last night, laughing it up over Bush’s visit to Europe (audio link).

In an NPR report from London last night, reporter Don Ganye, traveling with the President, echoed the same observation he’s been offering for several days:  In Dubya’s last tour on the continent, the Europeans are so over Bush that they couldn’t be bothered to protest.  Ganye added that things have been so slow, he’s been able to spend time around town each day on his own.

So maybe we’re talking several thousand instead of tens of thousands.  Based on yesterday’s wire images of the scene near the Prime Minister’s residence where Bush was dining with Gordon Brown, however, it seems that Don and NPR are a lot more over Bush than those British activist are.

Noisy protests greet Bush in London (The Age/Australia)

(image: Sang Tang/AP.  June 15, 2008. Parliament Square, London)

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