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June 27, 2008

Picture Of Unity


A couple takes on Unity….

First, compare this shot by Getty's Spencer Platt with this elegant photo of Unity's main landmark.  Given the thoroughness of Team Obama, I can't help wondering how much yesterday's color scheme was inspired by  some careful location scouting.  The other point of comparison with the Unity Town Hall has to do with symmetry.  The Obama campaign has been extremely successful lately in making things line up.  (The shot above is not the first with the precision of a a synchronized swimming contest.)


Then, there is this shot that Getty's Mario Tama passed along.  What it well captures is exactly what's going on now, which is a courtship process.

(You might have to ————-> expand your browser to see the whole thing.)

(image 1: Spencer Platt/Getty Images.  June 27, 2008. Unity, New Hampshire. image 2: Mario Tama/Getty Images.  linked photo: Alex Brandon/AP. Detroit, Monday, June 16, 2008.)

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